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Turning questions into ideas, and making ideas come to life.

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Sydney Hodge
Sydney Hodge

On an important piece of paper, in July of 1994, Aaron Hodge Sr. and Kimberley Smith wrote the words "Sydney Hodge." Since then, to the world I am Sydney Hodge. However, through sponteinty, simplicity, and incorrectness people also refer to me as Sydney (can't get much better than this), Syd (this is good too) or Cidney (which is just wrong).

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, gaining a higher education in Columbus, Ohio, and spending a chunk of time in places such as Seattle, Washington, Mountain View, California and New York, New York I can say that up until this point, I've had a life filled with opportunities to experience different varieties of people, cultures, and ideas.

Looking forward, I intend to continue working towards perfecting my craft in software development. I'm discovering a promising interest in web development and data analytics. I enjoy collecting, understanding, analyzing, and presenting data in an efficient and pleasing way.

In August 2016, I begin my full-time employment at Google in New York City as a Software Developer in Tools and Infrastructure.

    MicrosoftRedmond, Washington
  • Explorer Intern
  • Windows User Experience: Cloud Experience
  • Created 2 automated tests and 2 manual tests for a Windows’ application in a 3-week time period
  • Coded an application which will be used as a proof of concept for future Windows User Experience ideas
    GoogleMountain View, California
  • Engineering Practicum Intern
  • AdWords: Advertiser Analytics
  • Sliced latency metrics by country/region on AdWords Platform Experiment (APEX)
  • Implemented server/client communication and created a client visualization tool for new credit feature
  • Designed and implemented a new selection feature for experiments on APEX
    GoogleNew York, New York
  • Software Developer Intern
  • Software Engineer in Test on the Advertising Mobile (AdMob) team
  • Improved user flow for adding golden images to databases
  • Wrote design documents which provided a detailed analysis of implementation and design of features
  • Developed a way to screenshot, display, and save ads from within an Android application
  • Delivered a mechanism for recording videos of ads from within an Android application
    GoogleNew York, New York
  • Software Developer in Tools and Infrastructure
  • I begin fulltime employment at Googe in August 2016.
Projects Overview

A natural language game framework using the IBM Watson Engagement Advisor.


The college marketplace for the buying and selling of items between and by students at the same university or college.

Dropbox Hack Week

Interactive presentations for both presenter(s) and presentee(s).

What's Happening?

SMS-based service to see what's happening in Columbus, Ohio.

Jacob Banks
Sink or Swim
I discovered Banks via my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. After checking out his catalog, I stumbled upon this song. Sink or Swim is about the uncertainty associated with making decisions. However so, the song challenges you to go with your gut and take a risk by doing what you believe in, regardless of the outcome.

dvsn is one of the treasures I've found on Soundcloud. I took note of this duo when they had two singles on their account, The Line and With Me, and I've been tuned into them ever since. I'm linking their entire debut album because it is an amazing body of work which is contributing to an R&B sound that we are so very lacking nowadays. Some of my favorite tracks from the album include With Me, Too Deep, Do it Well, Hallucinations, and The Line.

Tracy Chapman
I grew up on Chapman. Her music always resonated with me, and her being from Cleveland only further gave me reason to love her. This song is on Chapman's 2015 remastered album but is originally recorded on her 1989 Crossroads album. Crossroads details the internal conflict that results from the external pressures that try to control and navigate ones own life. Give it a listen, it's an amazing song.

Masego & Medasin
Girls that Dance
Masego and Medasin are another SoundCloud treasure. Girls that Dance is that inexplicable head-bobbing, groovy track. As if the catchy hook doesn't do enough, Masego kills it on the saxophone and the jazz skatting pushes the song even further.

Left, Right
Toronto is bubbling with Drake's new Views album. Digging deeper into the music scene in the 6, I found Ramriddlz. Ramriddlz's entire Venis album has a Jamaican feel to it, but I think this feeling is most exemplified in the track--Left, Right. This is a great follow-up song to Girls that Dance since it continues the tempo and theme of dancing.

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